FRUiTS pic~
Hi, I’m Laeluu~

Lately, my main focus has been on fashion. I love being able to express myself visually by both repping amazing art by other creators and bringing my own ideas to life! A lot of my work is influenced by my loves of j-fashion, fantasy, pastels, the universe, and anything that generally brings joy to my life (which incidentally also includes a good deal of spooky stuff, sorry-not-sorry!) I also was once in an issue of FRUiTS while wearing a Yuru Yuri shirt… Not my finest day but I’ll take it hahaha.

Music is also super intertwined part of my life! I’ve helped brand, illustrate for, and organize for both music events and musicians… Plus, it doesn’t hurt my day job is a screen printing company run by a punk band. :P You can check out a selection of my music illustration in my gallery.

But what got me first interested in art was storytelling above all! Even in my stand-alone pieces I feel like every character or scene I make has an underlying narrative. Knowing that plus with the zines in my shop, it might not be shocking to hear that I also worked in comics for a short while (ontop of owning way too many)! Check out Danielle Corsetto’s comic Girls With Slingshots…It’s the best and I hear the colorist of the 1st half is pretty rad too~

T H E   T I N I E S T   F A Q :
Commissions? Questions?
E-mail me! I don’t usually keep a traditional commission list due to my flucuating schedule, but if you have a project you want to collaborate on I’d love to hear it. Let’s make something together!

What the heck does Laeluu mean?
It was one of my original OCs when I was in 7th grade–if you were ever in AOL/AIM chat RPs way back when, you have my deepest apologies

Can we see a picture of your dog?
The Bestest Boy